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oculusd 0.18

maandag, september 27th, 2010

A few weeks passed, and I sat down for some hacking. Here is oculusd version 0.18: the command function prototype has changed; it now also takes a struct connection pointer. This way, the command handler knows a little of the client connected. The ‘alarm’ plugin changed its ever-changing id to a unique id (uid), consisting […]

oculusd 0.17

maandag, september 13th, 2010

Oculusd 0.17 is here. Fixed a few bugs; the se server could crash on certain configuration errors. Also, repaired a design mistake: hardcoded arguments (which have to be configured, otherwise the event-action connection is not made) are now bound to “actions” instead of “events”. Where they belong. Now I can start implementing the action bodies. […]

oculusd 0.16-2

donderdag, augustus 26th, 2010

Another quick release. I created an RPM file and changed to installation directories to /usr, instead of /usr/local. The available RPM is x86_64 only, but you are invited to create others. From now on, I will release source and RPM packages. More on the project page.

oculusd 0.16.1

woensdag, augustus 25th, 2010

Oculusd 0.16.1 is a compatibility release. Oculusd is being developed on Ubuntu, but is supposed to run on a wide variety of platforms and distributions. We installed the BitTouch development platform today, to create RPMs and a reference installation (I intend to use the Oculus system myself eventually). This release fixes some compile and install […]

oculusd 0.16

donderdag, augustus 12th, 2010

After a few weeks of no activity, here is oculusd 0.16. I implemented the new event system, which is now able to connect actions to plugin-supplied events. This way, oculusd get extremely versatile. You can add actions to an ALST command for example, making oculusd send an email or set an alarm on a master […]

oculusd 0.15

maandag, juli 26th, 2010

Looks like churning out releases is a thing you do between two beers. It kind of is. I implemented the action and event APIs. It is now possible for plugins to register an action (a predefined function) to an event. The library will then take care of handling it, based on the registered event and […]

oculusd 0.14

donderdag, juli 22nd, 2010

Nothing on TV, so another release. Basically a small change, I implemented the save/load of alarms. So, when oculusd is restarted, the alarms are persistent. The ID numbers of the alarms may change, so plugins should not really rely on them. Get oculusd 0.14 here.

oculusd 0.13

dinsdag, juli 20th, 2010

Yay! It is here. After a month or two of quietness, another release of oculus, the easy server monitor. I implemented the alarm features in a alarm plugin. The following commands are added: ALLS (ALarm LiSt), ALST (ALarm SeT) and ALRM (ALarm ReMove). The alarm framework is not done yet, because alarms do not survive […]

Oculusd 0.13

vrijdag, juli 16th, 2010

Work has started on oculusd 0.13. I set up the alarm framework and starting thinking on how to implement events on monitors. Alarms will be implemented in a plugin, so you can choose to use them or not. Because alarms need to stay ‘alive’ between reboots and application restarts (of course, oculusd will never crash), […]

oculusd 0.12

maandag, mei 3rd, 2010

A new month, a new version. Not much interesting, but some internal changes. But, as Linux Torvalds said: “release early and release often”. I removed the fork() call and implemented threads to handle each connection. This yields immediately to the “CONN” command (which will show you who is connected to the server), but will eventually […]

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